Friday, August 10, 2012

A Beginner's Journey Through Etsy: Introduction

Hi! I wanted to start this off with an explanation of exactly what I will be writing about here on Bella’s BNS blog. So here I am a newbie on Etsy. My shop has only been around for a couple of months. Yet, in that short time I have learned so much about the aspects and features Etsy have to offer. I feel like I know a lot about Etsy at this point, but am new enough to still have a lot more to learn.  The goal of my blog will be to help other new shop owners with suggestions and tips for their shop. I will also be here to talk about my experiences as a new shop owner, the challenges and joys of owning an Etsy shop. I am here to help all those newbies out, but also to take this beginners journey through Etsy with them. Do you think maybe there is not a lot to learn from a beginnner like me? Well, you would be surprised what someone can learn through a couple months on Etsy. Also, you never know what you can learn from me, even if you are not so new to Etsy. 

I hope you can take this journey with me through Etsy and the many things it has to offer. We will be talking about teams, treasuries, rearranging your shop, favorites, and a lot more. I will also add my personal experiences, including what I love about Etsy, how my journey on Etsy began, why I joined, and so forth. Finally, I will discuss things from my perspective as a beginner shop owner, such as expectations I have had and things that have surprised me. Let’s take thing journey together, and see what we can learn. 

Kelly Michelle

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