Bellas Leaders

A team like this requires a lot of helping hands.  It is my pleasure to introduce you to the leaders of BellasBNS.  We are always here to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.  Please feel welcome to contact us anytime.

Rocco from Rocco's Country Spice - Team Captain

Meet our fearless leader, Rocco!  Rocco cooks up some yummy sauces and spices, as well as some recipes that will make your mouth water.  All are perfect for a summer BBQ or a quiet Tuesday night dinner in the dining room with the family.  He lives in New Jersey with his lovely wife and their adorable son and daughter.  He also works tirelessly at keeping this team organized and fun!  You will see Rocco curating BNS boards and taking shifts on our Thursday BNR board.  You can also find Rocco on Facebook, Twitter, and his blog.

Luci from Idle Hands Yarn and Supply - Team Leader

Luci makes her home in Seattle, Washington with her boyfriend and her 17 year old son.  She has a firm commitment to eco friendly craft supplies and superior customer service.  Many of her supplies are handmade and all are always eco friendly.  You will see Luci curating BNS boards and taking shifts on our Thursday BNR board.  Luci also runs our team treasury challenge and the monthly Weekend BNS Bash.  She is also the blog editor of BellasBNS and a Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest contributor.  You can also find Luci on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and her blog.

Lauren from Whimsy Woodcrafts - Team Leader

Lauren Antia is an avid crafter and creator of hand painted wooden items. She has been doing crafts for 19 years, since she was 10 years old. As Lauren got older and had various "office" jobs, she knew her creativity was inside waiting to come out, but she never could find the time to put it into motion. In February of 2012, Lauren finally left a part time job with a real estate company (while still working another part time job from home) and decided upon the idea of creating "Whimsy Woodcrafts - Hand Painted Wooden Gifts". Upon building a shop on Etsy, as well as selling items at local craft fairs, her idea came to be!

Lauren's items are one of a kind, hand crafted and personalized (when applicable).

Lauren currently lives in Wappingers Falls, NY with her 4 year old daughter and husband.

Lauren is also a Facebook contributor and you will see her curating BNS boards and taking shifts on our Thursday BNR board.  You can also find Lauren on Facebook

Raven from Divine Deliciousness - Team Leader

Raven is the owner of Divine Deliciousness. She has been baking since she was a little girl with her grandmother. She is going to school to be a preschool teacher and hopes to either own a bakery or preschool one day. Raven lives with her family in New London,CT. She loves to watch baseball, listen to music, and bake.  You will see Raven curating BNS boards and taking shifts on our Thursday BNR.

Amber from Cosmic Cauldron - Team Leader

My name is Amber, and in the etsy world I make soy candles for my shop, sometimes I sprinkle some jewelry or quilling in there too. I curate a 24/7 BNS and am a leader on 3 teams. I love all the people I meet on etsy and have trouble staying away! When I'm not in etsyland I'm just as busy LOL I work full time at this cute coffee shop in a tourist town. Sometimes I'm waiting tables/ barista-ing other times I'm cooking. At home I have about 1.5 acres to maintain, half of it is woods, the other half is mostly gardens. The kids love to play in the woods and on the zip line we have set up. (which is adult friendly so my husband and I can play too!) My 11 year old son, 6 & 3 year old daughters, husband and I try to live simply and conscientiously whenever possible and like to spend time together as a family. I am very happy to join Bella's leaders and hope to get to know all of you better as well!

Cindy from CE Crafts - Team Leader

My name is Cindy Ely.  I started crafting when I was 7 with the help of my mom.  She always said "Believe in yourself and your craft and you will go far".  Took her advice and started selling at craft fairs with her help when I was 15.  Made things for friends and family, but really got into crafting when I got older.  But it was all put on hold when I got married an had my son.  After a while I started crafting and doing the show circuit again.  It wasn't until my health issues that I can't work outside the home anymore, that is when I opened my shop and this became my full time job.

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