Friday, July 27, 2012

The Customer's Board - A New Kind Of Bella's BNS Board

Here at Bellas BNS we have two functions.  First, we are here to support each other.  Second, we are here to help each shop succeed.  We take both responsibilites very seriously and make every team decision with those two things in mind.  It is no secret that we love BNS and BNR boards, which is why we run a BNS board six days a week and a BNR board every Thursday.  We also do a team challenge that includes a Weekend BNS Bash the first weekend of every month.  We love running these boards and they will always be a part of Bellas.  We are a BNS team, after all.

However, BNS and BNR boards are aimed at other Etsy shops.  We love other Etsy shops and welcome them on every board we put up, including this new board, but we feel like we are ignoring a very important group of people on Etsy...  the customers, duh!!  There is a substantial community of customers on Etsy that don't have a shop and don't have items to list on a board.  While the BNS and BNR boards are fabulous for Etsy shops, they do little to serve customers.  Because we love customers, we are going to start running a new kind of board (in addition the BNR and BNS boards).  One that the average Etsy customer can purchase from.

Why would a customer want to buy from a board like this?  First, there will be 16 fabulous shops that will be just one click away and all located in one easy to shop from place.  Second, each purchase will buy that customer a raffle ticket for prizes.  Each board will run for an entire month and 4 prizes will be given away at the end of each month.  There will be a blog post announcing a new board and detailing the prizes on the 1st of each month, including pictures.  And an album on our Facebook page for the prizes and links to the shops that donated the prize.  Not only will the customer get to purchase a wonderful handmade or vintage item, but they will get the chance to win another wonderful handmade or vintage item!

We hope that the customers and other Etsy shops will have as much fun with this board as we have had planning it.  We are all very excited about it and look forward to making some new customers and friends.

Love and Peace,