Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Member Spotlight: Kristi's Klean Kreations

We at BellasBNS love to show off our fabulous teammates and we are so excited for our lovely team member Kristi from Kristi's Klean Kreations!  She has kept us informed of her adventure in PostNets small business contest.  The winner of this contest is going to get a cool $15,000.00 to support their business.  By winning in a voting competition done on Facebook to determine finalists, Kristi has beat out 225 other people to become a finalist and we couldn't be happier for her!

She was also featured in her local newspaper, the Bradenton Herald.  They did a wonderful article.  Kristi and her soap look great!  You can find the article here.

Congrats Kristi!  We hope you win the big prize and are so proud to have you on our team.


  1. Kristi's Shop is awesome!! She even has a hamburger soap! =)

    1. I loved the oreo soap! I am also a big fan of her lavender and plumeria. It smells sooooo good! :)